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CTO - Senior Developer @ Veenome
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago

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I've been through shifting management and tumultuous political situations. I've negotiated pre-sales and ongoing post-sales business with Ebay, Comcast, Network Solutions and SAP. I've played integral roles in both winning the business and managing the software development, planning and management pieces of the relationships. I was often sought by the partner companies to bring reason and level headed problem solving to difficult technical and procedural challenges. I have a technical background and have always participated in the technical discussion, investigation and decision making associated with my teams.

I'm a strong proponent of Agile/Scrum and have had some real world, challenging experiences with the method when converting Affinity over to it in 2007. I'm a time tested and hardened development manager/director and I understand what it takes to drive a team and communicate with upper management to the satisfaction of both sides.

I am an enthusiastic and ambitious proponent of quality development that meets business needs and timelines.

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