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Managing Director @ T3 Advisors
Stanford University

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At T3 Advisors we’re out to disrupt the traditional corporate real estate industry by changing the way companies find great new office space. We're “conflict free,” which means we only represent tenants. We represent no landlords and we manage and own no buildings. Resulting in BETTER deals for our clients!

As Head of T3 Advisors' West Coast office I wake up every morning genuinely loving the people I work with and the clients I work for. I support a base of clients all across the country but specialize in supporting our Bay Area portfolio.

The workplace of the future is transforming corporate cultures and changing how companies lease, build and use office space. My passion is to help our clients succeed by steering them through their own unique workplace transformation. Tech, Cleantech, Life Sciences and Venture Capital is where we are able to best implement our unique approach. A prominent VC recently said it best when he called T3 the "unbroker"

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