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October 23, 1967

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Darren Conte is a very imaginative, technology CEO who avoids thinking within the box to create very cool products. He has extensive experience within the financial services industry but enjoys integrating consumer products within an enterprise environment to generate new revenue streams.

He spends his work week consumed in technology while his weekends are spent unplugging from it - to see what new product ideas come to mind, like back in the day when none of us had great technology, but we kept an open mind to help us dream about it. He calls this is 80/20 rule.

Darren programmed his first video game in 8th grade on an Apple IIe and still owns an unopened IBM PC/2 XT from 1983.

He enjoys taking things apart, even if they are brand new, to better understand how they work, and has never had any extra pieces after putting it back together. So he tells everyone.

He prefers drinking home-made wine, traveling to Italy every year with his wife, skiing where there are no trails, and beating his friends at golf at their own country club.

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