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CEO and Chairman at Embark Holdings

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Daniel Amato is the founder of Muscle Warfare and operates the company as the President and Chief Executive Officer.

After Obtaining an Associate's degree in the medical field 19 years ago, Mr. Amato started his business career as a Radiation Therapist at Montefiore Hospital. He continued in this field for 4 years working at the prestigious Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, Good Samaritan Hospital in Palm Beach and St. Mary's Hospital in Florida. As a result of his training and experiences in therapy, gaining additional knowledge in specialized nutrition and taking care of the human body became a priority professionally and personally.

Mr. Amato, who was naturally passionate about his health, took supplements and exercised regularly from a young age. He decided he could make a difference in the lives of people by developing supplements to help athletes various needs, so he started a supplement business and became a determined and successful entrepreneur. Mr. Amato's sole intent was to help people improve their strength, muscle mass and health as a way of life, similar to what he had discovered for himself.

Mr. Amato started Samson Distributing, Inc. in 1998; and has now become an industry known leader for both the research and discovery of innovative ingredients, product formulation designs and a developer of strong marketing strategies. He has owned and operated four highly profitable companies in the sports nutrition space during a 15 year span. All of these businesses were self-funded from inception, without outside investment. In 2005, he received the coveted : "Rising Star" Award from GNC, and each of his companies have reached and sustained substantial profitability for many years with total consolidated company sales in 2006, reaching $22.6 million and profitable. Since 1998, and the emergence of his company Samson, Mr. Amato has been profitable within the sports nutrition and supplement industry for the entire 13 years span.

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