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CEO, Founder at YourVersion
Northwestern University

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Dan Olsen is CEO and Founder of YourVersion, a bootstrapped startup

Dan has a strong business and technical background with over 18 years of high-tech experience at both established companies and startups.

Dan worked at Intuit for 5 years where he led product management for Quicken and launched an online brokerage. After Intuit, Dan co-founded Posteroom, an online design and printing startup in Madrid, Spain. After Posteroom, Dan led product management at Friendster.

Before founding YourVersion, Dan consulted to startups, usually as interim VP of Product Management. His clients included, YouSendIt, MoodLogic, Angie’s List, Xing, and Epocrates.

Dan holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern, a Master's in Industrial Engineering from Virginia Tech, and an MBA from Stanford.

Dan has deep expertise in product management, UI design, product development, and metrics. He is a regular speaker at industry events such as the O’Reilly Web 2.0 Expo, Startonomics, fbFund Rev, etc., and also gives guest lectures at Stanford.

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