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Craig Bramscher is the founder and CEO of Brammo, Inc, an electric motorcycle manufacturer in Ashland, Oregon.

Prior to founding Brammo, Inc., Bramscher was founder & CEO of DreamMedia, a successful internet company that combined with the company USWeb just prior to its IPO in December of 1997.

As a Managing Partner for USWeb Craig was responsible for his division's growth from 35 people to 1500 and all the associated infrastructure deployment to support it.

Craig has always focused on new technologies and early adopters, leveraging the transition to broader consumer adoption. Craig's passion for beautiful vehicles now blends with his concern for sustainability as he drives Brammo's product offerings to be equal parts exhiliration and eco-conciousness.

Experience (4)

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    Founder and CEO
    Aug, 2002
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    Managing Partner
    Sep 2, 1998 - May 1, 2001
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    Jan 1, 1992 - Sep 1, 1998
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    Sep 1, 1989 - Sep 10, 1997