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Engineering Manager @ Tumblr
Stanford University
February 10, 1979

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Conrad Rushing began his lifelong engagement with computers in 1987, when his parents brought a new Macintosh SE into their San Jose home. Determined to wring the last ounce of space and computing power from the beige lump, he had learned to hex-edit, retool resource forks, code Hypertalk, and hack interrupt codes by the age of nine.

Further study in the history of art and technology at Stanford University prepared him further, instilling a lifelong respect for philosophy, artisanship, and beauty - as well as excellent perl chops. Entering the workforce in the heady days of late 1999, he rapidly found himself constructing information architectures, templating frameworks, physical networks, server administration systems, and soup-to-nuts e-commerce websites for a broad range of clients.

Life took him to Denver, Manhattan, Tampa, Santa Clara, Berlin, and finally to Prague, where he assembled a crack team of international developers intent on reaping the benefits of the mobile-computing revolution.

In his dwindling spare time he enjoys writing, cooking, yoga, playing strategic board games, and music.

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