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Colby Palmer is a technologist and developer, currently the Co-Founder/CTO of Eventup.

Colby is known for architecting high-traffic application platforms and leading technology teams. He is also a developer who works mostly with Python, Django and HTML5 web applications. His work has been featured in most major technology publications including TechCrunch, Daring Fireball, PandoDaily, and

He is the creator of, one of the original iPhone-dedicated Web apps for Twitter, which developed into a full-browser version currently most popular with users of the service.

In 2010 he was brought on at Myspace to build a unique in-stream advertising platform. He then went on to help create Foundry, Myspace's brand community management tool, and was instrumental in executing audition campaigns for American Idol and other national programs.

As co-founder of design/development agency Skunkworks Digital, he designed and led the execution of platforms and apps used by companies like BeachMint, NowLive and the MAGIC fashion convention, as well as the upcoming social fan club network Lifee.

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