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Founder at VYou

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Since teaching himself QBASIC on a hand-me-down 486 computer at age 12, you could say that Chuck Reina has had the programming “bug.”

His first professional work came in 1999 when movie company Offline Entertainment recruited the young Mr. Reina to help promote its latest release. The project involved creating compelling websites and interactive components for what would now be described as a social media and viral marketing campaign. Of course, it would be a few years before those terms were even in the vernacular. That job began a string of successful freelance and full time positions, all directly on the cutting edge of internet technology.

Mr. Reina’s passion didn’t lie in just ones and zeros. A love of art and design have always been part of his story. Throughout the 2000s, he has worked as a designer, developer, head of product and art director—Sometimes all on the same project.

It was this multifaceted approach to development that led entrepreneur Steve Spurgat to select Mr. Reina as a co-founder in his latest venture: VYou. With a core team, Mr. Reina built VYou from the ground up, through its successful fundraising and on to become one of the most popular social video platforms on the internet.

With VYou running smoothly in New York, Mr. Reina looked westward. In 2012 he packed his trusty MacBook and a few suitcases into his car and headed to California. Now settled into West Coast life, he continues to bring his wide array of talents to new projects and partners.

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    Lead Web Developer
    Nov, 2008 - May, 2010