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Founder at Adaptive Biotechnologies
Stanford University

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After his tenure as a Pomona College (1992) Sigma Xi honors society member and molecular biology major, Dr. Carlson received his Ph.D. in Genetics from Stanford University in 2000, where he worked on methods for high-throughput genome sequencing and genotyping with Dr. David Cox, founding CSO at Perlegen Sciences.

After graduation, Dr. Carlson worked in the DNA diagnostics industry at Roche Molecular Systems in Alameda, CA, and then studied as a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Deborah Nickerson at the University of Washington from 2002-2005, where he developed algorithms and software for the selection of genetic markers to use in genome-wide association analyses, a burgeoning field of genetic research.

He was appointed to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center faculty in 2005 as a genetic epidemiologist in the Cancer Prevention Program, with joint appointments in Epidemiology and Computational Biology.

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