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Chris Hart is the Founder & CEO of trueAnthem.

Chris is driven by his passion to develop and deliver new business and technology solutions to our constantly changing world. Based in San Francisco, and embedded in the deep startup culture that exists in the Bay Area, he has worked in the software and technology space as an entrepreneur, technologist, and consultant for over 10 years. As a founding member of the team and trueAnthem's CEO, Chris is the visionary behind the company's technical and business strategies, and is responsible for leading the team through end-to-end product execution. In 2009, Chris filed a US patent in the area of identifying and determining the strength of social influence through a technical methodology and mapping process which propels trueAnthem's unique offering.

Prior to establishing trueAnthem, Chris founded and served as CEO and Chairman of Innercircuit, Inc., a SaaS-based online rent payment and social networking company serving the real estate industry. Chris was responsible for Innercircuit's fundraising, business development, and product execution, an experience that also allowed him to hone his entrepreneurial skills.

Chris has extensive business and technology consulting experience. In consulting roles, he was responsible for leading the development of a bio-terrorism notification system for the United States federal and state governments, as well as implementing a worldwide enterprise workflow and collaboration solution for Novellus Systems, Inc., a leading provider of advanced process equipment for the semiconductor industry.

Chris is a recognized leader and technology expert in consumer and enterprise software, eCommerce, digital media, social media, CRM, analytics, and Internet consumer behavior.

He holds a BS in Information Systems and Decision Sciences from Louisiana State University.

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