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Software Development Engineer at Microsoft
University of Illinois, Urbana, Champaign
September, 1983

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Engineering Carl taught himself to program by reverse engineering websites on his first internet-connected computer. At his first job he analyzed satellite weather data, which was used in crop forecasting for commodity futures. He then decided to go to the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign for a B.S. in mechanical engineering to make the whole “maker” thing official. He did some special coursework in control systems and biomechanics, and research into self-healing composites to broaden his horizons. At heart he was really a computer person, so he was recruited by Microsoft to build the software that billions of people use. There he worked on seven releases of Windows in both the client and server SKUs, tackling tough problems in intercontinental data replication and security. Quantified Self Life in front of a computer started taking its toll on his health, so he reinvented his life by going through an intense weight loss program. This multi-pronged program had him working with a personal trainer, dietician, psychotherapists, and medical doctors – introducing him to the world of preventative care. It also sparked a new passion in utilizing data and technology to assist and enhance health care. He took charge of his own health. Today Carl is a master’s candidate at NYU ITP where he is exploring the world of quantified self, enabling others to take charge of their health: through data.

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    Software Development Engineer
    Aug, 2006 - Sep 1, 2012

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