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Partner at EdgeStone Capital Partners
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Mr. Bryan W. Kerdman is Partner of Venture Fund at EdgeStone Capital Partners Inc., EdgeStone Capital Venture Fund I, L.P. and Bryker Fund I, L.P. Mr. Kerdman has served as Partner of Venture Fund at EdgeStone Capital Venture Fund II, L.P. He was a Partner of Bryker Technology Partners. He has twenty-five years experience creating, building and running high technology companies that specialize in mission-critical, high-volume transaction applications as well as enterprise software solutions. Mr. Kerdman is the founder of Bryker Data Systems Ltd and served as its President and Chief Executive Officer. He served as Chief Executive Officer of a number of other technology companies including Technolabs Canada and E-route. He served as Chairman of Datawire Communication Networks Inc. He serves as a Director of Datawire Communication Networks Inc., and SC Txlink LLC. He served as a Director of Varicent Software Inc. He served as a Director of Workbrain Corporation since December 2000, Solace Systems, Inc., and CiRBA Inc. since February 1, 2006. He served as a Director of Protus IP Solutions, Inc., INEA, Workbrain, Shoplogix, Inc., RSS Solutions, SlipStream Data, Pvelocity Inc. and Time Industrial.

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