Bryan is the co-founder and CEO of is for teenagers to discover and pursue their interests and life’s passion. creates a visualization of the teenager’s future. It then has videos for the teens to pursue everything they are interested in currently, as well as everything they are interested in around building their best future self. Parents love it because every video contains real learning towards building something important in the teenagers future. is the ultimate building system to build 5th to 12th graders into their best future self.

Bryan Starbuck was the founder and CEO of TalentSpring, a $2.7m private investor funded B2B SaaS startup. TalentSpring was acquired in October 2010.

TalentSpring allows employers to select one of their job openings and go immediately to the best active and passive resumes, with access to over 100 million resumes. TalentSpring uses... See More

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