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I have been working on Website development since 2001, while I was working as QA in (brazillian startup). My first website was LinkGratis, a website directory.

After some year, LinkGratis became top 50 in Brazil, with more than 20 million pageviews/month (nov/2006). The growth of the visits was only possible because I was one of the first to implement SEO in Brazil. In the same year, LinkGrátis became the first case study in Google Brasil (sponsored links).

In 2005 I launched the website Fotos de Pesca (="Fishing Pictures"), which quickly became one of the most visited website in its area. Fotos de Pesca is a collaborative website where users submit their photos. Currently, there are nearly 20 thousand photos.

In 2006 I started my Internship in DRCLAs Harvard University, developing the new version of DRCLAS website ( and a web-based database of contacts (Mark Zuckerberg was working in the same project years before).

In 2010 I founded the startup with Fernando Okumura (CEO) and Allan Kajimoto (COO, since oct/2010), a social network of local businesses based on reviews.

I am also interested in investments, particularly stock market and real estate for rent. My investments are based on fundamentals, cash flow and mathematics. My articles about investments:

Experience - CakePHP (Advanced, 6 years experience) - SEO (Expert, 8 years experience) - Website Monetization (Expert, 10 years experience) - PHP (Advanced, 7 years experience) - MySQL (Advanced, 6 years experience) - Website Development (Expert, 11 years experience) - Scalability (Advanced, 5 years experience) - Real Estate Investment (Beginner, 3 years experience) - Stocks in Brazil (Intermediate, 4 years experience) - Complex search algorithms (local search, social search)

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    Jun, 2012

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