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Bruno Leveque is co-founder and CEO of PrestaShop, the world’s leading e-commerce solution powering over 150,000 online stores worldwide. Born in the suburbs of Paris in the early 80’s, Bruno witnessed the emergence of the internet and grew up during its rapid evolution. It didn’t take long for Bruno to discover his passion for technology and entrepreneurial gift. By the age of 8, he began developing his first games in QBASIC and just a few years later he developed his first websites for banking and gaming companies and sold them to media groups.

At 16, Bruno joined, the leading Shopping Guide in Europe, where worked as a Web Designer, Web Developer and Project Manager. Meanwhile, he spent his days and nights at Epitech, one of the most renowned technology schools in Europe, where he mastered C/C#, PHP, SQL, Oracle, etc. and studied subjects such as business, sales and law throughout 5 years.

Bruno’s inspiration for PrestaShop materialized during his time at, where he recognized a strong need for a free, powerful and Open-source e-commerce solution. In 2007 Bruno co-founded PrestaShop with Igor Schlumberger, former President of, and within one month of PrestaShop’s official launch, the software received 1,000 downloads and was translated into 13 different languages by dedicated community members.

Today, PrestaShop powers thousands of online stores in over 150 countries, has growing community of over half a million contributors, is translated into 57 languages and holds headquarters in Miami and Paris. Bruno currently resides in Miami, Florida where he devotes his time to the evolution of the software and strengthening PrestaShop’s position as the world’s preferred Open-source e-commerce solution.

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