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I am an entrepreneur, innovator and founder of Namesake, & Newroo.

I am passionate about exceptional people, products and markets.

If it's not a long term solution to a real inefficiency then I am probably not interested. I like to challenge myself by learning new markets, technologies and systems.

On my own time I blog (rarely) @:

You can find me on Twitter:

I am usually spending time with my family, surfing, fishing and hanging out in The Sea of Cortez (in the summer). I also like to collect things: business history, books, eclectic furniture and surfboards. Other areas of interest and devout passion are NFL draft analysis, gardening, architecture, college football, history of California, fantasy football, equities, commodities, weather, team building, film, film history and American life.

I am always looking to meet fantastic people (developers, business types, it doesn't really matter). If you have any ideas in the following areas please email me:

making enterprise tech feel, look and operate like consumer tech using the Web to disrupt "non" Web focused markets * real time information * ad networks w/ a technological edge * weird data * vertical industry tools * clean living/space/architecture/products * green tech (specifically focusing on water) * longevity * personalized medicine * PE in tech * early stage investing * super early stage investing * marketplaces

Key Influences

* Management -- Peter Drucker * Business as Life -- Richard Branson * Value Investing -- Ben G. * Tenacity and Vision -- Michael Milken * Longevity -- Ray Kurzweil * Coaching -- Pete Carroll * Invention -- Bill Bowerman * Tech Innovation -- Doug Engelbart * Econ -- Joseph Schumpeter * Adventure -- Steve Fossett * Life -- Robert & Theresa Norgard * Relaxation -- Surfing * Zen --My backyard * Bliss -- My wife

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