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General Partner at Atlantic Bridge
George Mason University

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Currently a partner in Phase One Accelerators (POA). POA incubates and accelerates their own online businesses.

Previously the COO of Jangl, funded by Labrador Ventures, Storm Ventures, and Cardinal Venture Capital. Prior to Jangl Brian was SVP of Operations and Interactive Marketing at Mevio (PodShow). Brian joined PodShow founders Adam Curry and Ron, prefunding in January 2005 to create and grow PodShow.

Brian is an aggressive online marketer and achieving cost effective means of acquiring customers. Catapulting an online shopping site in 1999/2000 to become #157 of all online sites. While handling interactive marketing at PodShow - PodShow became the third fastest growing site online in 2007 with 29,144% growth.

As an internet marketer Brian is able to employ viral marketing, conversation marketing, utilize social media, work with influencers, create affiliate relationships, SEO/SEM, strategic relationships, advertising, and business development to jump start a new sites audience and customers as well as create substantial user bases. As a developer of multiple custom applications, Brian designs and builds custom tracking solutions to determine true marketing ROI, customer acquisition costs, and lifetime value of customers and members.

Brian is a serial entrepreneur with a computer science background and an attorney, also a registered patent attorney.

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