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Owner at Scratchpad Studios
CTO, Co-Founder at, VP of Technology at Academic Approach, See All (4)
October 22, 1977



Information Technology professional, experienced entrepreneur, and all-around Internet pro Brian Kelley heads the technology team for online reputation management firm ReputationDefender. Brian Kelley's expertise in the areas of design, enterprise software development, and technology strategy has helped ReputationDefender become the leader in online reputation management. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Brian Kelley utilizes his considerable practical experience with online search technology, reputation analysis and scoring to provide ReputationDefender with a highly functional website and network infrastructure that supports the efforts of Marketing, Finance, PR and Business Development groups. Brian Kelley co-founded ReputationDefender in 2006, and in the subsequent years, he has played a key role in assembling a quality technology team that is capable of maximizing company resources related to technology strategy,... See More

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