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President & Chariman & CEO @ National Semiconductor
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Brian L. Halla is the Board Director of Cisco.

Mr. Halla, 66, has been a Member of the Board of Directors since January 2007.

He served as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of National Semiconductor Corporation from May 1996 to November 2009, and continued to serve as Chairman of the Board of that company until May 2010.

Additionally, he served as President of National Semiconductor Corporation from May 1996 to May 2005.

Prior to May 1996, Mr. Halla served in several Executive capacities at LSI Logic Corporation, where, in his last role, he was the Executive Vice President of LSI Logic Products.

Prior to that, he held a variety of management positions at Intel Corporation.

Mr. Halla has leadership experience as the Chief Executive Officer of a global technology company. His management and operational expertise is accompanied by a semiconductor industry background and technology acumen.

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