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Android Developer at Evernote

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Brian began his career working at in the research and development department of defense company Raytheon. There, he worked on several projects including an effort to bring Android devices to the US military. After Raytheon, Brian took his Android knowledge to ShopSavvy where he built the latest incarnation of the personal shopping assistant. Apart from Android development, he is also responsible for ShopSavvy's big data and analytics capabilities. His latest effort has been architecting ShopSavvy's ProductCloud.

In July 2012 Brian left ShopSavvy to work for Evernote. He has been instrumental in the building of Skitch v2 for Android which premiered in October 2012.

Experience (2)

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    Android Developer
    Jul, 2012
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    Android Developer Lead
    Aug, 2010 - Jul, 2012