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Brendan has been internationalizing and localizing software for over 20 years, creating infrastructure and tools that facilitate the delivery of products and services to the non-English speaking people of the world.

Originally from a house near a crossroads, beside a hamlet, close to a very small village, beyond the resolution of Google Earth, Brendan escaped cosmopolitan Ireland and planted himself firmly in Silicon Valley.

He was the first software engineer at Claris Ireland in 1990, set up the engineering tools team at Iona Software in 1995, built the localization department at Ariba in 1999, and was the first hire into the internationalization engineering team at Google in 2005.

He fits right in with the Valley crowd with his collection of bicycles and Hawaiian shirts.

Experience (6)

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    Jan, 2010
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    Engineering Manager
    May, 2005 - Jan, 2010
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    Adobe Systems

    Engineering Manager
    Mar, 2004 - May, 2005
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    Engineering Manager
    Mar, 1999 - Mar, 2004
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    Iona Software

    Tools Development Manager
    Dec, 1995 - Mar, 1999
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    Software Engineer
    Jun, 1990 - Dec, 1995

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