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CFO @ K9 Ventures
Plymouth State University

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Each stop on my career path has built on what came before. Whether related to a company’s financial operations or their fundraising plans, I enjoy creating organization. If I weren’t a CFO I could imagine being an architect, pairing shape and form to construct a building that’s beautiful and functional.

I began my career as an Accounting Analyst at Fidelity Investments. With a solid foundational experience supporting me, I progressed to be a Controller under a well-respected CFO at Sofinnova Ventures. 5AM Ventures followed and was my entrée into being the boss.

None of these experiences would have been possible, however, without the foresight to see great potential and accordingly, take risks. Joining True Ventures at its inception required a leap of faith—one that certainly paid off. Today, at K9 Ventures, I am able to work in a position that utilizes my skills and experience; is in line with my values; and offers the opportunity to work alongside great people.

In my role today I combine the foundational experience gained in previous positions with my ability to spot potential in my work with early-stage Venture firms and entrepreneurs. Building their structure for optimal performance is what I do, it’s what I enjoy.

He has BS degree in Accounting from Plymouth State University

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