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Co-Founder and COO at Telerik
Managing Director at HR Solutions
American University

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In his role as Chief Operations Officer, Boyko is in charge of establishing, evaluating and managing Telerik’s internal organization processes and resources and ensuring that they support the core processes and functions of the company in the most efficient manner. Boyko is also responsible for creating and executing operational policies securing the accomplishment of company objectives. Before occupying this position, Boyko was Telerik’s chief information officer and head of IT department. While dealing with the knowledge management and collaboration efforts within Telerik, Boyko led many of the company’s key infrastructure efforts and managed to take Telerik to the next dimension – the cloud.

Prior to Telerik, Boyko was a Managing Director of a leading UK software company developing HR solutions. He received his Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Administration and History at the American University in Bulgaria.

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