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CEO & Co - Founder @ Reframe It

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Bobby Fishkin is CEO and Co-Founder of Reframe It Inc- a company that allows users to comment in the margin of any web page without the permission of the site. Bobby came up with the idea for Reframe It while working on an academic project looking at marginalia in Shakespeare's work.

Bobby has been a Special Advisor to Tomorrow's Europe, a project of the European Commission, & Special Advisor to the Center For Deliberative Democracy at Stanford University.

He worked as a social entrepreneur and Fellow of the Richard Florida Creativity Group and Fellow of the Office of the Mayor of Baltimore, USA. He conceived and developed ACCESS Baltimore Arts Creating Community Energy and Social Solutions, a program which creates opportunities for at-risk youth and the mentors who work with them to attend cultural events together.

He also conceived and developed the Books for Teachers program, which has created hundreds of classroom libraries in the state of Connecticut.

A magna cum laude graduate of Yale College with a B.A. in Philosophy, Bobby is also a playwright who has been produced in London and New York.

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