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Managing Director @ Sigma Partners
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San Francisco

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Bob Spinner is a Venture Partner at Sigma Partners. He works with several Sigma portfolio companies helping them increase revenue while expanding their operations.

Prior to joining Sigma, Bob was President and CEO of Extensity. During his tenure, Extensity grew from $1M to $35M while raising money through private funding and an Initial Public Offering. In March of 2003, Extensity was sold to GEAC.

Before Extensity, Bob was Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and International Operations at Clarify, a leading provider of integrated CRM solutions. During his tenure at Clarify, he grew the company from $10M to $140M in revenue while managing a worldwide organization of 260 professionals.

Prior to Clarify, Bob served in expanding roles at Sybase including working as the Director of one of Sybase's most successful regions.

Bob has also held Technical roles at ADR and Chevron, including Sales Engineer, Programmer and Database Administrator.

Bob received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics from Washington University in St. Louis, MO.

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