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Co-Founder at Audioo
January 13, 1974

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Ben Padnos is an Internet entrepreneur based in Manhattan Beach, California, USA.

Padnos, born January 1974 in Cambridge, MA, USA, an Internet Sales and Marketing pioneer, has more than 12 years of online sales, strategy, marketing and business development experience, including 4 years @ Yahoo! Inc. from 1997-2001. He has founded or co-founded several successful Internet start-ups, including CashFlowFromCreditCards, EndTheDebate, which purchased Barry Bonds' 755th home run baseball at auction, and Search Engine Marketing firm, Better, Inc., which was acquired by Tsavo Media, Inc. in September 2008.

After attending the University of Michigan, Ben moved to Southern California to become Co-Founder and Director of Marketing at California-based University Netcasting, Inc. (UNI).

He was responsible for developing the marketing, advertising and sponsorship plans for UNI's launch of a new collegiate on-line sports network, FANSonly, which helped secure nearly $5mm in venture capital funding. FANSonly was acquired by Student Advantage prior to their IPO in 1999[4]. The site is now known as, owned by Viacom[5], and is considered the #1 website specifically devoted to college sports.

Padnos founded DONE! Ventures in October, 2001 after leaving Yahoo’s ValueLab. DONE! has incubated several successful businesses, including,, audio file sharing site,, and a search engine marketing firm, Better, Inc.

BetterPPC is a scientific ad copy testing and optimization platform for pay-per-click advertising services Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing. Better, Inc.'s Search Engine Optimization service, DONE! SEO has been profiled in Newsweek, Kiplinger's Personal Journal,,, and ComputerWorld. The company is also known for its “get found on Google” service called SearchForMeOnline.

Ben serves on the Board of Directors of Louis Padnos Iron & Metal Company, Inc. a century-old family owned and operated scrap metal and paper processing and recycling firm based in Holland, Michigan.

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