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Basil Horangic joined North Bridge in 2007 to help open the California office. Basil moved from Austin Ventures in Texas, where he was a General Partner. He spent his early career at Goldman, McKinsey, and Oak.

Basil focuses on the infrastructure supporting communications, enterprise, interactive, and energy businesses. He is active up and down the technology stack, ranging from fundamental new materials, devices, and systems, up to new higher level software, tools, and cloud services. He has brought numerous strategic investors into his companies, including General Electric, British Petroleum, ConocoPhillips, Excelon, NRG, Intel, GemPlus, Terradata, Google, Qualcomm and Microsoft.

Basil has started two companies, and successfully incubated four others. He primarily likes to work in the early stages of getting companies up and running, but will also look at selective later stage opportunities. He has spent a significant amount of time working to spin companies out of universities, including Stanford, Berkeley, Davis, UCSC, UCSB, UCLA, UCSD, USC and Caltech. In Texas he has worked with UT and Rice, and in Boston with MIT, Harvard, BU and BC.

Basil is a graduate of MIT with a BS in Computer Science, a BS in Economics, and an MS in Operations Research. He received an MBA from the University of Chicago, and is still hoping to finish his PhD in Industrial Organization.

Companies Basil has sourced or started include:

Communications - Macheen, Black Sand, Bigfoot [QCOM], Alereon, NetEffect [INTC], Telica [LU], Sychip [Murata], CoreTek [NT], SpringTide [NT], Celite, [DSLN], Raging Mobile

Enterprise - Revolution, Conformative [INTC], Copan [SGI], Egenera, Azul, Entorian [DELL], Newisys [SSCI], Entevo [SYMS], Xelus [ITW], ClearCross [TradePoint], United Devices [Univa], Primary Knowledge

Interactive - Slacker, TheStreet [TST], Vicinity [MSFT]

Energy - Cool Planet, Zeta, Moasis, Coldwatt [FLEX]

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