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General Partner at Wellington Partners

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Bart Markus joined Wellington Partners in April 2000. He concentrates on investments in the fields of software and electronics and is currently managing the firm’s investments in Agnion, Enecsys, EnOcean, EnStorage, GLO, and Replisaurus, in addition to Cavendish Kinetics. During his involvement, former Wellington portfolio companies Covast (initially based in the Netherlands) and Meiosys (initially based in France) relocated their commercial operations to the United States to further accelerate their growth.

Mr. Markus began his career as a process control systems and later project engineer with Shell in Norway.

In 1995 he joined McKinsey as an associate, working mainly on strategic projects in the Netherlands and South Africa. After earning his MBA in 1997, he worked for HAL Investments as a private equity investment manager with a special focus on new technologies. One of his early investments was the Series A investment in Navteq (NASDAQ: NVT).

In late 1999, Mr. Markus set up and acted as interim CEO for ePearle, a B2C eCommerce company and one of HAL Investments’ retail portfolio companies. He also was one of the founders of the MRI Center in Amsterdam, now a chain of private medical diagnostic clinics.

Mr. Markus holds a master’s degree in engineering in applied physics from Twente University in The Netherlands and an MBA from INSEAD.

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