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Co-Founder & CTO at XDN/3Crowd Technologies
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Barrett Lyon is a pioneer in the field of DDoS mitigation for enterprises. In 2003, he founded Prolexic Technologies, the first service to defend enterprises from DDoS attacks. His work led to collaboration between a majority of the tier-one and tier-two carriers in North America and Europe and at National Security Agencies in Europe and the U.S. to mitigate and track thousands of DDoS attacks. Barrett’s early journey to battle DDoS attacks and bring their creators to justice is chronicled in the best-selling book Fatal System Error – The hunt for the new crime lords who are bringing down the internet. In the last year, following a sea-change in the scale, type and complexity of DDoS attacks that have continued to disable some of the largest banks and other enterprises, Barrett founded to offer an entirely new mitigation architecture to respond to the increasing threat.

In 2009 Barrett determined that the key challenge facing the internet had morphed to the establishment of an effective rich content delivery network and Barrett co-founded BitGravity, a Content Delivery Network (CDN), serving as its Chief Technology Officer. As CDN’s took hold, Barrett co-founded and served as Chief Executive Officer of XDN, Inc. (formerly 3Crowd Technologies, Inc.) to help manage multiple CDNs.

Prior to Prolexic, Barrett served as a Senior Consultant for Network Presence, where he managed engineering teams responsible for the security of Fortune 100 Corporations. His authority in Network Security has led to interviews and appearances with CBS, CNBC, FOX, and the NY Times. Outside of the security arena, he has been an active proponent in the advancement of the Internet. Barrett was responsible for the Opte Project, often referred to as the Internet Mapping Project, and he formed, a nonprofit organization where he was responsible for embedding the Linux kernel into the 64-bitworld of the Alpha, Inc.

2013 has heralded the start of a new wave of large scale attacks on the Internet fabric. State and terrorist sponsored cyber attacks have joined the ranks of hacktivists and individual hackers to plague the network we depend on.

Barrett Lyon’s brings together the most experienced team of cyber-security professionals with a carrier scale network and patent-pending technologies dedicated to stopping, dampening, and solving the most pressing issues that threaten the global enterprise network infrastructure.

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