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Senior Engineer @ Intel
Princeton University

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Dr. Habib, who holds a PhD in Semiconductor physics from Princeton University, is a recognized authority in electrical engineering and the design of integrated circuits. He’d be really happy if you read his paper “Spin–orbit interaction and transport in GaAs two-dimensional holes”, but he really doesn’t expect it.

Prior to co-founding Kno with Osman Rashid – whom he has known since the ninth grade – Babur had a successful career designing embedded processors at Philips Semiconductors and Intel, where he worked on the Pentium II. (Believe it or not, 300 Mhz was quite a feat in those days!) He also spent time at Exponent, a high-technology consulting firm, where he assisted both Fortune 500 companies and startups define and implement their technology strategies. He also led teams focusing on IP litigation, and the design of complex engineering systems.

Babur has led the design and manufacturing team at Kno from the founding of the company, and his combination of technological expertise and entrepreneurial vision are behind the engineering breakthroughs, and elegant interface, of the device.

While at Princeton, Babur was a Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy, where he developed his interest in the role of science in government policy. His work involved nuclear non-proliferation, and he has authored papers as well as presented reports to the NSA, state department and the DOE on the subject. His passion for educating the world about the dangers of nuclear weapons translates to a broader commitment to education as embodied in Kno.

Babur holds a B.Sc. in Engineering from the University of Minnesota, and a Masters Degree in Engineering from Stanford. He once calculated the amount he spent on textbooks and it was over $10,000.

Babur lives with his wife Sarah in San Francisco. He loves squash, tennis, and hiking up big mountains.

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