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Arun at age 34, is a self-made Billionaire and renowned business-person of Hindu and Jewish Decent. An investor with a passion for solving consumer problems. He began his career at age 13 fixing bikes, breeding champion dogs before he graduated to start his Tech business. He made his first million at age 21 , first billion at age 26 and never looked back.

Arun founded Celframe, a multi billion dollar software company covering all aspects of software for people of all walks of life. Famous brands include Celframe Office, Celframe CRM, Ookey to name a few. Celframe has fortune 500 clients ranging from Boeing, MTv, Nortel, GM, Delta to name a few. He recently founded Celframe Security Labs (CSL), after extensive research into social networking, cloud and mobile security threats.

His diversified Multi-billion dollar business interests includes Investments, Natural Resources (Gold, Platinum, Diamond Mines), Retail, Real Estate, Telecom, Transportation, Hospitality, Education among other sectors.

Arun acquired and later sold Daulton Capital Corp, US listed natural resource company at a valuation of $4.3 Billion. This was the beginning of his planned expansion into mining Industry.

He has given speeches all over the world including economic forums / Tech Forums / Top Universities, sits on dozens of committees and boards of Govt, Public and Private sector and has had the privilege to meet many Royalties, State heads and Business Leaders.

Born in an orthodox Brahmin Family and has linage to Bnei Menashe (Jews of Indian Descent) . His Priest family is known as "Mirazdars" for the Tirupati Temple, they are considered to be similar to "The Pope" for christians, but they're chosen by blood line rather than voting.

He has won several awards and accolades worldwide. He invests through his investment arm "Pudur Ventures" on various businesses and his philanthropic en-devour is through "Pudur foundation" it is focused in providing health and education to the under privileged. Arun studied at the University of Bangalore and has extensive experience with Software, Security, Cloud and mobile technologies.

He is personal net worth is around $3.85 Billion (before IPO) as on 2012, which makes him Sixth Richest in Malaysia and 15th Richest in South East Asia. After Celframe goes for listing, he will be listed in Top 10 Richest in the world. (Source : Wikipedia )

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