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Co-Founder/CTO @ Happify
Tufts University

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CTO. CODER. GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT. TECH STARTUP MASOCHIST. INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY LEADER with lots of experience in software architecture, product delivery, and the business of entrepreneurial software.

* Active architect and engineer. Experience spans client-server products, web-based applications, wireless/pervasive systems, and shrink-wrapped desktop software. * Builder of massively scalable decoupled systems. * Long record of success mastering and applying emerging technologies * Equal comfort with open-source and proprietary platforms with a vendor-agnostic “best tools for the job” approach to problem solving.

* Decisive operational leader and partner on executive teams. * Proven ability to manage today’s products and environments while providing vision for future endeavors * Expert knowledge of rapid application development, based on real world experience and delivery of many products with focus on quality, cost, and agility. * Veteran of large-scale product initiatives as well as streamlined professional service efforts. Expert ability to build and integrate product, engineering, and QA teams to succeed. * Track record of providing technical vision and motivating engineering teams at all levels. * Skilled in communicating across disciplines, from executives to implementers.

* Deep expertise in the art of building startup teams and infrastructure. * Broad knowledge of industry trends and pitfalls; ability to distill information and make timely, critical technology decisions. * Extensive success record in fiscal and productivity management of technology-based businesses.

Specialties Building innovative technology quickly and economically, leading edge web apps, client/server architecture, datacenter build and operations, VC funding of tech companies

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