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Time Traveler (trying to crack Teleportation as well). Andrey has been building companies, projects and ventures since he was 19 and hasn't stopped since (some call it serial entrepreneurship, he simply calls it "a way of life"). He has been investing in early stage start-up companies over the past 8 years, helping other entrepreneurs build great companies. In 2012 he has founded SYD Ventures , which is not your ordinary fund - in fact it's not a fund at all - it's a start-up company that just happens to invests in other startups. Andrey invests in people, rather than ideas. He invests in startups, he can personally get involved in and help build and scale them. He invest relatively small amounts, mainly at very early seed and pre-seed stages, and being long-time entrepreneur himself, he understands the needs and interests of the startup venture and the entrepreneurs leading it.

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  • 6fc1604a93304f7bf04e6cd8d0ced5f9

    Jayride is an online travel marketplace for reserving and booking transport services in...

    $400k  / Seed

    Feb 21, 2012 - Seed Round Details