Person Overview

Founder & CTO at Red Foundry
Founder at GIANT Company Software, Lead Security Program Manager at Microsoft

Detailed Description


Andrew Newman currently serves as CTO (co-founder) of Red Foundry Inc. Before Red Foundry, Andrew spent 3 years at Microsoft serving as Lead Security Program Manager, for the Windows AntiVirus/AntiSpyware group. Andrew was the co-founder and chief software architect for GIANT Company Software, acquired by Microsoft Corporation in 2004. GIANT Company was a leader in the anti-spyware and anti-spam industry pioneering many innovations that used machine learning and behavior analysis over distributed networks to rapidly combat malware. This network later became known as SpyNet and still serves as the backbone to Microsoft’s secure computing initiatives. At Microsoft, Andrew served as Lead Security Architect and was integral in the development and release of Windows Defender, now a part of the Windows Vista/ Windows 7 Operating Systems. Andrew has a number of patents around distributed computing, data aggregation and information discovery.

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