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CEO/Co-Founder at MovieFone
Princeton University

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Andrew Jarecki is an American filmmaker, musician and entrepreneur.

Jarecki directed Capturing the Friedmans, a documentary that explored the investigation into child abusers Arnold and Jesse Friedman. It won eighteen international prizes including a nomination for an Academy Award amidst scrutiny from the child sex abuse victims who claimed it was not factual. Jarecki became an advocate for having Jesse Friedman’s conviction overturned but it was upheld by the Nassau County district attorney’s office who noted that Jarecki didn’t fully cooperate with them in turning over details of his own investigation.

Before making waves in the movie industry, Andrew Jarecki was CEO and co-founder of Moviefone, a service that provides film schedules over the phone and Internet. Launched in 1989, Jarecki’s company was sold to AOL 1999, and later the company’s phone service was shut down in February 2014.

Andrew Jarecki produced Catfish a documentary about romantic relationships deriving from social networking websites. The 2010 film eventually grew into a realty TV services.

Jarecki graduated from Princeton University in 1985, where he also served as the theatrical director. Currently, Jarecki resides in New York City with wife, Nancy, who created Betty Beauty, Inc. a pubic hair dye company.

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