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CEO & CO - Founder at Piggybackr

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Andrea Lo is the Co - Founder & CEO at Piggybackr.

Andrea (CEO and Co-Founder) has been fundraising since age 7 as a girl scout, club president, student council member, sorority fundraiser chair, and philanthropy chair and wishes she had learned at an earlier age to

a) think bigger and

b) leverage technology to put her ideas into action.

Prior to Piggybackr, Andrea ran operations at a tech startup, investigated fraud at large companies, and worked on Al Gore's $300 million dollar grassroots climate campaign.

Andrea is a Graduate from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and Angelpad startup accelerator program.

Andrea believes that regardless of a person's educational background or socio-economic status, success can be achieved by those who think big, work hard, and persevere. She hopes that Piggybackr can inspire youth to learn those skills early on.

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