Amol Deshpande is the Board Member at Agilyx Corporation.

Mr. Deshpande joined KPCB in April 2008 and focuses on Greentech with special emphasis on technologies related water, waste, fuels/chemicals and sustainable agriculture. At KPCB, Mr. Deshpande serves on the board of directors of Harvest, a company focused on next generation waste management technologies.

Mr. Deshpande is also on the board of directors of the KPCB's first water investment, APTwater.

Mr. Deshpande is also on the board of directors 3 other ventures all in the water or waste sectors and closely involved with KPCB investments in Siluria, Hara Software and Next Autoworks.

Prior to KPCB, Mr. Deshpande spent 3 years at Black River and Cargill Ventures, both investment oriented business units of the private agribusiness, Cargill, Inc. While at Cargill, Mr. Deshpande focused on Greentech investment throughout the energy, water and... See More

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