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CEO & Founder at YouCeleb
University of Florida
October, 1981

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Amit Dharmani, a serial entrepreneur, got his start over a decade ago in the entertainment industry. Several years ago Amit got into the web startup business and is now breaking into the e-commerce space.

Currently, Amit is launching, the first e-commerce company featuring daily deals inspired by popular celebrity fashion. It allows consumers to see which fashion accessories their favorite celebrities are wearing and purchase them at a discounted price via collective buying power.

Prior to, Amit was the Vice President for, a startup Spanish entertainment-based web community. At, he was responsible for restoring the brand image, increasing revenue and working with major record labels to supply content.

Prior to, Amit was President & CEO of WITNIS Records, an independent record label based out of Miami, FL. Via WITNIS's global distribution network, numerous albums and music videos were released in the US, UK, India and the Middle East. Amit managed a team of five members whose responsibilities included artist management, concert bookings, financial budgeting and network expansion.

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