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Founder and Chairman at Bose
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Amar Bose started repairing radios in high school, after WWII depressed father's import business. As a Fulbright scholar, he earned a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from MIT and began research on hi-fi sound.

Bose started Bose Corp. 1964. His first contracts were with NASA, U.S. military improving audio communications. He built the brand around his groundbreaking loudspeaker design.

Today Bose iPod docks, surround-sound home entertainment speaker systems and noise-canceling headphones dominate the market; its loudspeakers are used in the Sistine Chapel, along with several Olympic stadiums. Bose launched VideoWave TV in 2010, incorporating state-of-the-art speaker technology into 46" flat screen LCD.

Bose has over 120 stores in North America.

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    Founder and Chairman