March 13, 1974

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SoCal - Entrepreneur

Joined MySpace early-2005 (pre-NewsCorp). As SVP of Engineering, he built and managed a 400+ staff comprising of the Engineering, Project Management, Creative Services, and Quality Assurance located in Atlanta, Australia, Beijing, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, South Korea, and Tokyo.

Allen Hurff is also the former Chairman of the Board for the OpenSocial Foundation. He and his team worked closely with their OpenSocial partners such as Google, Yahoo, AOL, Mixi, Hi5, and over 23 others.

Allen has steadily grown up in the Southern California "Dot Com" eras. He has spent time at, AltaVista, BlueTorch, Experian, and MySpace. Allen, while based in Los Angeles, splits his time between Southern California and the Bay Area.

Allen left MySpace in July of 2009 so he could pursue being an Entrepreneur.

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