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Allan Silber is the Chairman of Knight’s Bridge and is Chairman and CEO of Counsel Corporation, which he founded in 1979. Throughout its history Counsel Corporation has had a number of successes including: (i) Counsel Trust Company (grew Counsel Trust Company from $3.6 million in assets and $2.5 million of equity when acquired in 1979, to $1.9 billion of assets and $114 million of equity when it was sold in June 1990 for approximately $141 million); (ii) FirstLine Trust (pioneered the mortgage-backed securities business in Canada through FirstLine Trust); (iii) PharMerica (transformed Choice Drug Systems from an institutional pharmacy with annual revenues of $40 million in 1994 into PharMerica, Inc., a company with $1.1 billion in revenues in 1998); (iv) American HomePatient (built American HomePatient into one of the largest home health care providers in the U.S. by expanding it from 18 centres and $13 million in annual revenues in 1988 to over 300 centres and revenues of $400 million in 1998); (v) Stadtlander Drug Co. (acquired as a specialty retail pharmacy business, and grew its revenues from $86 million in 1995 to $460 million in 1998, just prior to its sale.

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