Primary Role
Executive Assistant at TechCrunch

Person Details


Alica joined TechCrunch in 2013. She supports the COO, Ned Desmond, on ensuring that business operations run efficiently and effectively.

Prior to TechCrunch, Alica supported the President of TRX Training, a fitness company headquartered in San Francisco. In addition, she has supported executives at GAP, Inc., ABC Radio, Clear Channel Communications, and a mobile advertising start-up, Greystripe.

A San Francisco Bay Area native, Alica is what you would expect from a typical Californian. She is a vegan, tree hugging, dog loving, health & fitness fanatic. When not at TechCrunch, you will likely find her running along the San Pablo Reservoir, juicing (vegetables, not steroids), warrior III’ing, Spotify’ing, or watching whatever is currently on AMC TV.

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