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Chief Architect at Qik
Moscow State University

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Architect, experienced developer of high-load, low-latency multimedia systems of any scale - from embedded systems to Internet based global projects. Solid CS, mathematics and physics background. Successful teamlead and project manager. Proven track of record in a few most scientific and innovative companies out there.

My passion is solving hard technical problems, use state of the art technology to give users new easy to use products. I love doing prototyping, designing architecture, conducting complex quantitive experiments, tracing root causes of problems of all kinds - from inconsistent distributed state to glitch in DSP ROM.

Experience includes: * Building HA/LB Internet services. Developing complete system, including DB, application stack, deep monitoring and troubleshooting tools. * Streaming, broadcasting and processing of multimedia streams - live and recorded. Storing and processing of huge data volumes - both multimedia and analytics (BigData, Map/Reduce, SQL, ETL). * Deep knowledge of various network protocols from IETF, ITU-T, IEEE, ETSI, 3GPP & proprietary ones. Designed multimedia data transfer protocol with non trivial transactional requirements. * Deep understanding of computer systems. Low-level programming (Windows, Windows Mobile, Linux, Android), porting of Linux kernel to new HW platforms and device driver development. * Mobile platforms programming experience: Windows Mobile, and Android - both Java and native (JNI) code level. * Embedded and DSP platforms experience; assembler code optimization, reading schematics, HW debugging. * People management: lead up to 20 developers. * Programming languages: Python, Java, C/C++, asm, Erlang, NodeJS

Specialties: Architecture design and implementation of high-load, low-latency Internet systems. System planning, project management.

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    Development Manager
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    Chief Architect Consumer Mobile Video
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    Chief Architect
    Apr 18, 2007

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    Advisory Software Engineer
    2006 - Jan, 2007

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