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GM, Developer Relations @ Intuit

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"Alex Barnett has over 15 years working in the web business. Today leads the developer relations team at Intuit (since Sept '08) responsible for Intuit Developer Network (IDN) and developer engagement for Intuit Partner Platform.

Alex was at Bungee Labs for two years as VP of Develoerp Community. Prior to Bungee Labs, Alex spent five years at Microsoft Corp, most recently as Community Program Manager for the Data Programmability team.

Alex joined Microsoft in 2002 in the United Kingdom as an Online Customer Experience Manager in CRM and the Online Marketing Team. Alex moved to the United States in 2005 to become the International Program Manager for MSDN and TechNet, where he was responsible for driving the globalization strategy. Prior to Microsoft, Alex worked for seven years at Bluewave, an online marketing, web design and development agency, as Sales and Marketing Director and COO. After the successful sale of Bluewave to Maersk Data, Alex joined Microsoft. Prior to Bluewave, Alex was creating sport 'e-zines' where he learned the basics of web site development."

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