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Vanderbilt University, Nashville

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Adam has experience in managing diverse team environments and complex software engineering projects ranging from startups to publicly traded companies. He has been a pioneer in developing electronic commerce applications since the advent of the web as well as architecting, managing and implementing large scale systems.

In 1997, Adam was one of the first hired developers for SpeedServe an Internet retail company selling Books, DVDs, Video Games and Music. SpeedServe grew to be one of the top 5 Internet retail companies and merged with BuyComp to create in 1999. At, Adam managed over 70 technical employees and helped design and implement a robust financial system, integrated technology platforms from acquired companies, and supported the front-end content systems.

In 2005, Adam was recognized by Microsoft for creating the largest SQL server OLTP database while working as Chief Architect and Director of Development for AIM Healthcare. Adam was the founder of, an e-commerce portal for wholesale imported cut flowers and was also the Chief Architect for uMogul, a financial services company pioneering a profitable niche sector of affinity funds focused on the entertainment industry.

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