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Brandeis University

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Adam is an expert in virality, game mechanics, engagement on social networks, and distributed outsourcing/offshoring. In 2006, while a senior in college, Adam co-founded Nishnash, devoted to collecting and presenting the world's restaurant information as well as providing relevant online services. Creating a distributed small-task engine (think mechanical turk), Adam helped grow Nishnash until it was sold to DiningIn in 2007.

In mid 2007, Adam co-founded Social Dynamics, a social-platform app company that built some of the early massive applications on the Facebook Platform. Social Dynamics was sold to the Social Gaming Network (SGN) in April 2008 and Adam spend 6 months at SGN as a Software Engineer.

In 2009 Adam co-founded Social Expeditions, a social media production company which has created applications such as Photo of the Day (facebook), How Well Do They Know Me (myspace) and Tap Quest (iphone). Social Expeditions reached over 70 Million users on Facebook, Myspace and iOS, sporting top apps in multiple categories. In late 2011, Social Expeditions was sold to Kama Games.

In the second half of 2012 Adam founded Smart Bites, a company that crafts mobile experiences to impart skills, starting with English. Smart Bites uses Adam's social and gaming backgrounds to help people learn in novel ways, delivering superior curricula, smart games and context awareness to achieve amazing outcomes.

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