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Aaron is a techie with a surfer's attitude and heart for the un-reached. The larger the challenge, the more he likes it.

A sketch in his notebook seeded the idea for a new enterprise, one that could bring nourishing content to the world's masses. Taking academic leave of absence from his computer science studies at the University of California, San Diego, Aaron created a business plan that attracted world-class venture backing and the founding of the company. A world-class core management team was hired and the business was launched.

As Chief Technology Officer, Aaron leads innovation of the company's technology and offerings to customers. Working closely with the Vice President of Engineering, he enjoys stimulating the engineering staff and celebrating its ensuing intellectual property and proprietary inventions. His technology roots start with innovative exploration of computer science as a teenager, years teaching about computers to middle and high school students, and consulting work on technology security and massive computational problems for government agencies and the San Diego Super Computer Center.

Aaron's creative energies are applied outside work in a variety of high intensity venues. Some days one can find him working up a sweat playing Judo, Jui Jitsu, kickboxing or surfing. His health program is based on a regime of disciplined exercise, diet and sleep. He thinks during quiet times, including long rides to visit his grandmother and family in a small town in northern California.

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