Seattle, WA
Zillow is an online real estate marketplace for finding and sharing information about homes, real estate, and mortgages.
Lloyd Frink, Rich Barton
Business Services, Marketplaces, Real Estate

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January, 2005
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Zillow, Inc. is a leading home and real estate marketplace dedicated to helping homeowners, buyers, sellers, renters, real estate agents, mortgage professionals, landlords, and property managers find and share vital information about homes, real estate, mortgages, and home improvement. Under the Zillow brand, Zillow operates Zillow.com, Zillow Mortgage Marketplace, Zillow Mobile, Zillow Rentals, and Zillow Digs.

Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink started Zillow in early 2005, and Zillow.com launched in early 2006 with data and information on millions of U.S. homes. Zillow's goal is to help people make intelligent decisions about their homes -- whether it's buying a home, selling, renting, leasing, remodeling or financing. It's all about empowering people with information and tools to make smart decisions about homes, real estate, and mortgages.

Zillow is one of the most-visited U.S. real estate brands. Zillow Mobile boasts the most popular suite of real estate apps, with nearly 480 million homes viewed in May 2014.

In addition to information and data on nearly all homes in the U.S. (110 million and counting), Zillow visitors can search homes for sale, homes for rent, and homes not currently on the market. Homeowners can browse remodeling ideas in Dueling Digs, or dig into the latest real estate trends in their neighborhood via Zillow's expansive local data pages.

Zillow is a media business model and makes money selling targeted, relevant advertising to real estate professionals, and connecting home and mortgage shoppers with professionals who can help them.

Zillow began trading on the NASDAQ Stock Market on July 20, 2011.

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Competitors include: Trulia, Redfin, Cyberhomes, Terabitz, and Realtor.com.

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    Zillow Digs

    Zillow Digs is an iPad app and companion web app, that allows users to share and find photos of...
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    Zillow Mobile

    Zillow Mobile was added to CrunchBase in 2011
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    Zillow Mortgage Marketplace

    Zillow Mortgage Marketplace was added to CrunchBase in 2011
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    Rent Zestimates

    Rent Zestimates was added to CrunchBase in 2011
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    The Zestimate home valuation is Zillow's estimated market value. It is a starting point in...

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    Legg Mason

    Throughout their history, integrity has served as Legg Mason’s guiding principal. This...
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    1301 Second Avenue

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