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Venture Capital that does Seed and Early Stage Venture Investments
Social Media, Enterprise Software, E-Commerce

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  • 8ec4f502c53de428d8ce660b1710adcf

    Zheng Yi Wireless Science and Technology

    Zheng Yi Wireless Science and Technology is a domestic high-tech company that is focused on the...

    $1.6M  / Series A

    Mar, 2014 - Series A Details
  • 734ae8d4d4768604bfd1651702306ffc


    Zurn International E-commerce Co. Ltd. is a Chinese company that helps businesses find gold...

    undisclosed amount  / Angel

  • Cca77cc8c21e12214d3cdb8692d82e24


    LIANAI develops a new China Mobile networking product for strangers to build social interactions...

    $162.4k  / Angel

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    Petta is a specialized mobile application for pet owners and merchants who handle pet-related...

    $162.4k  / Angel

  • E4be824b7a1f788916a09c063738acc7


    Script Information Technology is focused on creating information systems with more commercial...

    $162.4k  / Not Disclosed

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    Youjia is a Chinese social interaction platform that integrates with entertainment elements.

    $1M  / Series B

    Nov, 2013 - Series B Details
  • 6c57cf630b2601f5fd617e759cd8cb75

    AA Carpooling Website

    AA Carpooling Website is an automobile sharing platform for carpooling information.

    undisclosed amount  / Not Disclosed

  • 4be542fe3a132cd4c3004eeec2ce42e8

    Aunt Kitchen

    Shanghai Aunt Kitchen Network is an e-commerce platform and mobile application that provides home...

    $162.4k  / Series A

    Sep, 2013 - Series A Details
  • A3c20787cb607129f6469469a29525b4

    Power Union

    Power Union is a Chinese short distance mobile equipment and services provider.

    $1.9M  / Series A

    Aug, 2013 - Series A Details
  • B84b07583be225fefc8e33e20a238572

    I Want To See Dentist is a Chinese dentist appointment platform that provides online booking...

    $389.7k  / Angel

  • 9be1b42859d959ea0c648caec1987147


    Danlan Website is a Chinese influential gay website that helps users enjoy a different...

    $487.1k  / Angel

  • 0d663cf343fae91da1a567c3f879f5b8

    Rent Here

    Rent Here, a domestic daily rental service promotion platform, allows landlords to post...

    $324.7k  / Angel